September 22, 2021


The application for admission to Grade 11, SY 2022-2023 will be online. Before an applicant applies, please ensure that:
  • The applicant is applying for Grade 11 SY 2022-2023. The Ateneo de Manila Senior High School does not accept transferees in Grade 12.
  • He/She is part of his/her school’s Grade 10 batch at the time of application, or has completed Grade 10 as long as he/she is not currently enrolled in Grade 11.
  • He/She must not have applied for Grade 11 in the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School prior to this application.
  • The applicant commits to following the instructions for the online process and completing the online application. 
Students currently enrolled in Grade 10 in schools abroad may apply during the regular application period.  (For this year, there will be no special schedule or deadlines for application of students enrolled abroad.)

Before filling up the online application form, the applicant must prepare the following:

  • A scanned copy (in PDF format) of the applicant’s birth certificate.  The birth certificate must be either a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or National Statistics Office (NSO) copy.
  • If the applicant is NOT a Filipino citizen: a PDF copy of the applicant’s Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR). Kindly note that if the applicant is accepted, he/she will have to secure a Special Study Permit before he/she can enroll.) 
  • If the applicant has dual citizenship: a PDF copy of the applicant’s Philippine Passport or Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino Citizen.
  • An image file (PNG, JPG/JPEG) of a recent 1 x 1 ID picture of the applicant.  The picture must be colored with a white background, with only the head and shoulders visible in the picture.  Head must be between 0.5 - 0.75 inches in size from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.
  • A scanned copy (in PDF format) of the applicant’s final, completed Grade 8 report card. 
  • A scanned copy (in PDF format) of the applicant’s final, completed Grade 9 report card.
  • A scanned copy (in PDF format) of the applicant’s report card for the first grading period of Grade 10.  If this is not yet available, it may be uploaded later, as long as it is uploaded before January 22, 2022.
  • For all report cards: All pages of the report card and all information in the report card must be clearly visible in the scanned copy (information such as the name of the school, the name of the student, all of the grades, deportment rating, the school administrator who certified the report card, the explanation of the grade equivalents, etc.) 
  • A PDF copy of the applicant’s autobiography, which must be typewritten, A4 page size, 1-2 pages only, using any readable font. The autobiography should touch on the following points: interests, ambitions, accomplishments, and the reasons that the applicant desires a senior high school education at the Ateneo de Manila University.
  • Each applicant must also choose 2 teachers who have taught the applicant in grade 8, 9 or 10, know the applicant well and are willing to recommend the applicant. The applicant must ensure that the chosen teachers agree to fill up an online application form. The applicant must obtain the email address and contact number (official school contact information or personal contact information) of the teacher and must ensure that the contact information is correct. Incorrect information will lead to problems in the application process. The recommendation form will be emailed directly to the teacher and will not pass through the applicant.
  • Application fee of P 750.
The applicant needs to take the following steps:
1. Create an account in the online system and generate a payment reference number.
2. Pay the application fee of Php 750 through one of the following payment channels: BPI Online, Over-the-counter at BPI, Over-the-Counter at Metrobank, and through Webpay (credit card). Since access to the Ateneo campus is currently restricted, the option to pay directly to the cashier in the Ateneo campus is not available.
3. Fill up the online application form [“Draft” status].  This stage also involves entering the email addresses of two recommenders (teachers) to trigger the sending of a google recommendation form, and uploading a 1x1 photo (JPG or PNG) and PDF files of the required documents.
4. Submit the filled-up form online and wait for Ateneo’s checkers/reviewers to check the completeness of the form [“For Review” status].  Ateneo’s checkers will either return the form online [“Return to Applicant” status] or move the form to the “For Recommendation” status.
5. Edit the form according to the comments of the checkers/reviewers (if the form is returned to the applicant) and re-submit the form [“Return to Applicant” status].
6. Follow up if the teacher-recommenders have sent their google recommendation forms [“For Recommendation” status] until Ateneo’s checkers/reviewers receive these online recommendation forms.
7. In lieu of choosing an exam schedule (since there will be no entrance exam this year), click on the closest batch processing schedule in the online system in order to trigger the sending of the completion notice (in lieu of an exam permit) to the applicant’s email address [“For Processing” status]. 
Note that the online application process is not complete until the applicant receives a completion notice through a system-triggered email. 


It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor his/her application and move it forward. In order to do this he/she must make the effort to read and follow the instructions of the online process.
Online application may be new to our applicants, and thus we are providing very detailed instructions regarding each step in the online application process.
Applicants from public schools are asked to download the detailed instructions contained in the pdf file labelled “SHS Appl Instructions_Public Schools_22-23.”
Applicants from private schools are asked to download the detailed instructions contained in the pdf file labelled “SHS Appl Instructions_Private Schools_22-23.” 
These downloadable files are found at the bottom of this page.  Applicants are advised to refer to these instructions as they accomplish each step in the process.
All Applicants are advised to download the instructions for payment of the Application Fee through their chosen payment channel. The downloadable instructions for payment through BPI Online, over-the-counter at BPI, over-the-counter at Metrobank, and through Webpay (credit card) are found at the bottom of this page.
Note that although each step in the application process can be completed in a few minutes, the whole process will take several days (5 days at the very least) to complete because of the waiting time for the payment to be received by Ateneo’s online system (3-5 working days), for the form to be reviewed by Ateneo’s checkers (1-2 days, depending on the queue of forms to be reviewed), and for the recommenders to fill up and send their recommendation forms to Ateneo.
We advise all of those who intend to apply to start the process as soon as possible.  The first step (creating an account and generating a payment ID number) only takes 10-20 minutes.
The application portal will open starting on October 1, 2021.

The deadline for creation of an application account in the SHS admission system is on December 14, 2021

For those who have created application accounts:

The deadline for payment of the application fee has been extended to January 18, 2022.
The deadline for completion of the application process (Draft > Review > Return to Applicant > Recommendation > Processing) has been extended to January 26, 2022.
The deadline for the late upload of the Grade 10 first GP grades has been extended to February 18, 2022.

Admission decisions will be released at the end of April, 2022 (specific date to be announced). An applicant will be able to view the individual decision on his/her application online, through his/her application account.  No public posting of admission decisions will be made.